Discipleship Drives Us

At our core, Worship Live is about discipleship. Why? Because Jesus Himself said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” Music is the avenue by which we want to reach others with His message of love, hope, and salvation. Music artists are the ones creating the music and our heart is to minister to them, help the see their purpose, connect them with their potential and lead them into an encounter with God that deeply impacts their lives.

It starts with the music artists

Not only connecting them to a deeper walk with God, but ministering to their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, Worship Live recognizes that musicians, singers, and songwriters are vulnerable in ways that others are not.

A music artist’s life is full of turbulence that is unlike most other professions. From professional disappointments and rejection, pressure to be original and creative, managing the balancing act of both a professional and personal life, music artists are walking a tightrope of multiple challenges.

The pressure that comes with earning a majority of their income in live venues (80-95%) is compounded when each performance comes with the added stress of knowing that their every move will be faithfully displayed all over social media. It’s no wonder that more than 50% suffer from one or more forms of performance anxiety, which can include: trembling, shaking, excessive sweating and clamminess, shortness of breath, memory blanks, negative thoughts, eye focusing problems, and more. What’s more, performing can throw their bodily systems out of whack.

"You couldn’t do anything without someone being angry. People don’t realize how much pressure comes to living up to the Christian life when in fact we talk a good game but the judgement is on us".

The emotional turbulence of trying to manage personal relationships while spending weeks, and even months, away from family and loved ones is crushing. That stress can tear apart the fabric of these relationships. The loneliness and depression experienced by touring artists is debilitating. Add to that the pressure to use vices – like drugs, alcohol, and porn – as an escape from the loneliness, the criticism of the media, and the financial pressures of performing and it’s a perfect storm for disaster. And if they give in to those temptations, they are forever scorned and rejected by their once faithful fan base. They then suffer from a feeling of helplessness, not knowing what to do or where to turn. This is why discipling music artists is so important. Reaching those artists who are struggling is part of the ministry of Worship Live. If the musician is suffering, the music suffers. But when hope and healing are released within, then that same message can be released through their music and minister to many.

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