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No it’s not. Radio has commercials, talk, and announcements. The worship streams are 24/7 music with none of that, and the streams will always remain free of those distractions. This is for God, and the direct ministry through music to Him.

It takes back the airwaves from the enemy, by turning our attention to God 24/7 with praise & worship streams, live & recorded. There are many ministries that do great and wonderful things in the name of God – they do it because of God, but not directly ministering to God.

After the official launch, you will find a list of them on or directly at As the streams are added, the list will be updated.

We tell the enemy his faux kingdom will not stand. We are intentional about our worship to our Creator by proactively utilizing worship as our warfare. Great times of refreshing happen – you may experience this for brief moments while at church, a Christian conference, or at home during your personal prayer/worship time. What is great about the streams is being able to tune in and know that you are magnifying the Lord with other believers at that moment, through different styles of music and genres. You can dance, play, sing along, express yourself before the Lord, have family worship time, and bring a new level of power and excitement into your teams. It comes back to exalting the King of Kings together.

As was in the days of King David, we are believing that this will release repentance, healing, blessing, and revival across this world that seems to be in very short supply. We are getting back to magnifying God together, regardless of Christian denomination or philosophical differences. We worship live in truth & power – exalting Him in unity, in one accord, with one purpose, ministering to the heart of the Almighty!

The first stream is starting with pre-recorded songs that we have received via our song upload form, but we will add a live stream as soon as possible.

Yes, you can! At the moment, we do not have paid positions, but we welcome anyone with a heart to volunteer in whatever capacity you can. We always would welcome accountability, song review, song rotation management, stream oversight, partnership building, marketing, content, social media, and more. Check out our volunteer page or contact us today.

No, this is 100% centered on God, and our only profit is in doing what He has called us to. We are a 501(c)(3), so donating to Worship Live means we can add more streams, more redundancy across the world, the atmosphere, and web.

A live stream is happening in real-time from worship partners around the world. We currently are establishing live streams. In the meantime, we will have our Worship Streams that are 24/7, those are pre-recorded songs that are sent to us. Pre-recorded songs are rotated out depending on the number of songs we have in the queue.

We currently only allow submissions of original songs from the original artist. Also, songs from the public domain are acceptable. If you would like to submit a song that is under copyright, we currently do not have the means to allow that.

If you would like to donate to Worship Live so that we can apply for all the necessary applicable licensing to be compliant with copyright laws for playing other artist’s music, please visit our donate page.

Currently, the songwriter and the song title are shown on the stream player when the song begins.

All songs on Worship Live have lyrics (or are instrumental in composition) that are directed specifically to God Himself – not songs about Him or about the Body of Christ/reaching the lost. All styles of music are fine – Hymns, Instrumental, Praise, Worship, Rock, Pop, Rap, Metal. If it’s to God for God, then it can go in the stream.

No you do not. Anyone can submit a song to the stream to possibly have it played. You can be someone that loves to praise and worship, sing or even playing instrumentally to the Lord. This means, ANYONE that has a voice or plays an instrument with a heart to God. We do validate each song, meaning that we listen to make sure all songs are in line with worship directly to God.

Your donation is tax deductible, we are a 501(c)(3). When you donate, a portion goes to vital systems like keeping the lights on (hosting, streaming equipment, administration, marketing). The bulk of your donation goes to ministering directly to God with 24/7 praise and worship songs, supporting the artists and psalmists, establishing more 24/7 streams on multiple platforms.

Absolutely! They will be available to tune into, where your church, small group, prayer team, family (to name a few) can join in and worship God. What is amazing is that knowing that every song you hear is directed to Him – like in the days that David set up the tabernacle for 24/7 worship, which is known as the Davidic pattern of worship.

To build a Worship Center to the Lord in Kauai, Hawaii where people and teams can physically worship night and day (singers/instruments/dancers/praisers). To establish as many 24/7 praise & worship live & recorded streams to God as possible. We are establishing stream redundancy, so that long after we are all gone, His legacy of worship continues from these streams.

Also, to establish multiple live 24/7 streams on every continent, having the airwaves permeating unceasing praise and worship to God from around the world in different styles and genres – which includes broadcasting into space via satellites, Roku channel, and more.

We are a husband & wife team, who love the Lord and are following a mandate to do God’s will. That means our current team consists of 2 people and a growing number of those who are submitting songs for the first 24/7 stream.

From a paperwork standpoint, that is Lisa & Vin Fetty. But spiritually, it has many owners. When you are active in Worship Live in any fashion, it’s as much your ministry as it is ours!