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Friday Fire

Friday Fire is a live worship event held locally on the island of Kauai. This gathering is a time of experiencing the love and presence of God in an atmosphere of freedom.
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What is the ministry of Friday Fire? 

It all starts with Friday Night Fellowship Dinner that brings life and connection to the local community, opening up opportunities to minister to the hearts and needs of those around us – inviting in the community to enjoy a meal together and know they have a place where they are valued.

Worship that is the driving force for radical personal change.
It is a purposed and personal encounter with God through original music and expressions of worship, where we give the Holy Spirit the freedom to move powerfully as He wills. This event is open to everyone, so come by on Friday night with an open heart and expect God to meet you. Take the fire of His presence back home with you, and let the fire spread to the outermost parts of the world.

When a music artist comes to the Kauai Ohana House, everything is covered from the moment they arrive…from their transportation to the house and their food, to the counseling and support that they need. When you partner with us, you are sowing into the lives of real people, bringing healing and restoration to them and their families. We expect the most amazing transformations to happen here – hearts healed, lives changed, faith renewed, fire rekindled, and vision restored.

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Why the Ohana House? 

This excerpt from Revolver in 2018 interviewing Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath illustrates exactly why the Kauai Ohana House is so needed…

“Because I had real issues going on in my life and no one could talk to me about it. There was no help. There was nothing. It was just hide it, don’t talk about it because if you do you’re not Christian and the band can’t go on anymore and that’s such an unrealistic thing.”

And Spencer is not alone. We know there are some right now who are struggling and feel like they just need a place to regroup, to be discipled, and find their purpose again.


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How can you help?
  • We need your prayers
  • We need land
  • We need the house (either an existing home or a new build)
  • We need permits and possibly contractors
  • We need furnishings
  • We need to provide meals
  • We need to provide transportation
  • We need a cleaning service to keep the house pristine
  • We need to hire and pay a salary to a compassionate, licensed, Spirit-filled Christian counselor with a heart for those in the music industry
Partner With Us
Kauai Ohana House FAQs
Who can come to Kauai Ohana House? (aka do I need to be a Christian?)

Music artists, songwriters, musicians, singers and you do not have to be a Christian.  You do however, have to come with an open heart prepared to have an experience with the Father of Heaven.

How do I reserve time at Kauai Ohana House?

Simply call us at 808-xxx-xxxx or leave us a contact message to schedule a time to speak with us so we can get to know you.

How much does it cost?

Our guests pay for their airfare and everything is covered from the moment they arrive…from their transportation to the house and their food, to the counseling and support that they need.  All your expenses are generously donated by our partners from around the world.

Do I need a car?

No, your transportation is provided for the time you are a guest at the Kauai Ohana House.

Can I bring people with me?

No, your experience, encounter and re-firing is all yours and your alone.  No one else but you will be allowed to be in the Kauai Ohana House.

What should I pack?

Depending on the time of year, the average temperature is a high of 78°F and a low of 60°F. So pack accordingly but know that if you miss something, we will provide it.

What happens while I am there?

(schedule, day in the life)

How long can I stay?

We have a standard 7 day stay for all our guest.

What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

We will know if you have any restrictions ahead of time as we have a questionnaire that we ask each guest to complete before arriving at the Ohana House.

Can I bring my pet?

As much as we like pets, we do not allow pets.  Come as you are, come alone and be prepared to experience a move of God in your life!

Is my privacy protected?

Yes, we 100% value and protect your privacy.  We want you to have an experience unencumbered by your norm.  No one but those you allow to know will have information on your stay.  We never expose the identities of our guests at the Ohana house to the public.  You can rest assured it’s the last thing you need to be concerned about.

*Please, before you come, you are asked to only let essential people in your life know.  This is depending on your level of influence in the public eye.

Kauai Ohana House…Coming

When we partner together we both share in the blessing and reap the reward.

Partner With Us

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“For as is the share of him who goes down into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the provisions and supplies; they shall share alike.”
– 1 Samuel 30:24 (AMP)