Kauai Ohana House

Kauai Ohana House: Future Ministry Project

The Kauai Ohana House will be a place of ministry and restoration, a shelter in the midst of the storm, where music artists can come to heal, be ministered to, re-fire their walk with God, pursue deeper purpose, and find their voice again.

What will the ministry of the Kauai Ohana House be?

The Kauai Ohana House will be a sanctuary from the turbulent world for those in the music industry choosing to walk away from the lifestyle choices they’ve made that have ravaged their life, their marriage, and/or their career. It will be a place to be counseled, to find accountability, renew their faith, to be valued unconditionally and without judgment. The Kauai Ohana House will be where you get your feet back under you so that you can stand strong again. Choosing to come to the Ohana House is choosing to get your life back in Christ and walk in the freedom only Christ can give.

How the Kauai Ohana House will make a difference

Our vision is that, when a music artist comes to the Kauai Ohana House, they will find the counseling and support that they need. When you partner with us, you are sowing into the building of a ministry that, in turn, sows into the lives of real people, bringing healing and restoration to them and their families. We expect the most amazing transformations to happen here – hearts healed, lives changed, faith renewed, fire rekindled, and vision restored.

Why the Ohana House?

Studies have shown that 73% of independent musicians have battled depression, stress, and anxiety. They are surrounded by loneliness, drugs, and alcohol all while working under the strain of poor sleeping and eating habits. The toll it takes on their personal lives and relationships is staggering. Their health is strained by touring and performing. According to Dr. Chayim Newman, a clinical psychologist whose practice focuses on performers and touring artists, “The intense, long hours on the road or in the studio create a challenge in maintaining health routines and healthy relationship routines.” Furthermore, “With the rush of the stage, artists are in this ramped up sympathetic-activation mode…it almost looks like the equivalent of a panic state, except that it’s induced by voluntary circumstances.” He explains that performing like this can throw an artist’s bodily systems out of whack.

In addition, the Kauai Ohana House will be about those who have been through a rough time, whether through a stumble in their walk with God or a personal turmoil. This excerpt from Revolver in 2018, interviewing Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath, illustrates exactly why the Kauai Ohana House is so needed…

"Because I had real issues going on in my life and no one could talk to me about it. There was no help. There was nothing. It was just hide it, don’t talk about it because if you do you’re not Christian and the band can’t go on anymore and that’s such an unrealistic thing."

And Spencer is not alone. We know there are some right now who are struggling and feel like they just need a place to regroup, to be discipled, and find their purpose again. Partner with us to build the Kauai Ohana House and make a difference in the life of a music artist.

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