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Found The Light


The band has a 1980's based retrowave smooth pop sound. ØM-53 came out of New Jersey ready to explore new grounds with their faith based nostalgic music. ØM-53 is Vocalist & Producer Cris Araya, Bassist Mike Rosa, Synth/Guitar Robert Witherby, Guitarist Richie Nobrega, and Drummer Scott Nash, alongside Vocalist Mariah Grajales and producer Ivan Alfaro.

Found The Light summary review

The band wastes no time hitting that special retro beat. Right away you can hear the 80's popping - this is no poser band, the lyrics are solid and won't disappoint. "Out of the darkness and into life", just a sample of the lyrics, there is no doubt they have effectively mixed their faith with their music. ØM-53's sound is unique and it's special to hear, a refreshing change. I would say this song is a musical reflection between the style of Flock of Seagulls and A-ha.

If you are looking for a new old sound that you won't hear anywhere else, then you will really enjoy ØM-53's sound, dig their faith, and right away feel the 80's. Plus, they have also promised to release a track a month.

From Scott and Cris, "we wanted to bring something new to the table".

Final word: retro-synthwave fans, prepare to be delighted.

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