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Indie Christian

Songwriting Competition

June 15, 2020 - December 15, 2020


Checkout the contest rules.


Checkout the contest rules.

Winning For Greater Purpose

Christian Songwriting Contest

Welcome to the “Indie Christian” songwriting contest.  Submit your song for a chance to win.

Six songwriters will win…

$2500 (value) in recording/music gear

2 tickets to the WLM Songwriters Conference

VIP dinner with Conference speakers

Your song recorded in a professional studio

Your songs do not need to be professionally recorded in order to qualify for the competition. Please feel free to submit your raw songs…we encourage it! That could be just you on your guitar, piano, etc. We look at 4 areas of your song – structure & composition, lyrics, melody, and message.

We are not judging on voice talent or how well you play your instrument, but feel free to go wild.

More Than a Competition

The Indie Christian Songwriting Competition is about getting your song heard and distributed, so others can enjoy your songs and stop the enemy from winning. Your song could be the victory for another person that is hurting and feeling destroyed.

Take part in a major spiritual shift in music…your song matters! Not only do you have the opportunity to win 1 of 6 amazing prize packs, more importantly, your time and talents mean something deeper to the Kingdom of God. Great change happens in your life and the world through your music when you share it.

More Than A Competition

Doing great things for the Kingdom starts with your song

Submit your song

Checkout the contest rules.

The Core Purpose

Seize The Darkness Songwriting Competition

Indie Christian

Submitting your song is an opportunity to have a major impact on lives in this and future generations.
Submit your song!

Keep In Touch

We will let you know all the latest information as it happens.

“But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.”
– Ephesians 5:13