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Three avenues of partnership with Worship Live Ministries

The first is simply by joining us through your song submission. You don’t have to be a worship leader, song writer, or even a musician…just someone with a desire to express their heartfelt praise and worship to God. Submit your songs today and once approved, your song will go into the 24/7 rotation of songs glorifying the Lord – an unceasing stream of ministry to the Creator of all. The minute you upload your song to the worship stream, you become an amazing part of our community of musicians. At that moment, you can consider Worship Live your ministry, too…you have a part in something extremely important and vital to our world right now.

The second is through prayer. We would be greatly humbled if you feel led to come alongside our ministry to be a prayer partner, lifting us up in prayer for the work God has called us to. As partners, we are committed to pray for you in return, believing for the Lord to fulfill His calling in you. Join us.

Lastly, partnership can be financial. If you feel the Lord leading you to join us as a financial partner, to see the Worship Center built (a tabernacle of David established in Kauai), the Musician’s Studio built, and the Live Worship Streams from around the world come to fulfillment, we would be honored to have you sow into the vision God has for Worship Live Ministries. Give as the Lord leads you and see your seed sown into good ground!

Why partner with us?

We are committed to utilizing every tool He puts in our hands to do His will and see His purpose fulfilled. We are dedicated to doing everything with integrity and accountability. Your partnership means the world to us…without you, we cannot fulfill the calling to build a new tabernacle for the Lord, implementing live worship feeds from around the world that lift up an offering of praise and worship 24 hours a day.


Partnership joins us on a two-way path of blessing. As a partner, you can expect…

Spiritual Reward

You can expect a spiritual reward from the Lord for the work being done by Worship Live Ministries.


You can expect a harvest on the seeds that you sow into Worship Live Ministries…we are good soil!

Anointing & Favor

You can expect the same anointing and favor that is on Worship Live Ministries to flow into your own life.

Yes, I want to Partner with WLM!

Become a prayer partner

“For as is the share of him who goes down into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the provisions and supplies; they shall share alike.”
– 1 Samuel 30:24 (AMP)