Worship Live is a partnership-based ministry that boldly declares the Kingdom of God in a sin-saturated world.

What does it mean to be a partner?

First and foremost, a partner is someone who comes alongside our ministry to lift us in prayer. As partners, we are committed to pray for you every day. Additionally, a partner is any individual or organization who faithfully and periodically sows some level of financial support into Worship Live Ministries.

How we are making a difference

The intertwined ministries of Worship Live all work together to impact the music industry for the Kingdom of God. We begin with the music artists themselves, bu facilitating events to bring them into a deeper faith in God. By joining us, you are playing a significant role in bringing to pass the Word of the Lord for Worship Live Ministries…"take back all the ground, the heights, including every genre of music for My Kingdom…music that defeats deception and destroys the decoys".

Why partner with us?

Worship Live has an anointing to take back the music industry for God’s Kingdom. We are committed to utilizing every tool He puts in our hands to do His will and see His purpose fulfilled. We are dedicated to doing everything with integrity and accountability. Your partnership means the world to us…without you, we cannot fulfill the calling to boldly declare the Kingdom and tell the story of Christ.

Partner With Us
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