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Musician's Encounter


3 day event to come and encounter God, to re-fire your life, and discover who God is and the real purpose He has for you.

Kauai Songwriters Conference


Learn songwriting from some of today’s most successful Christian songwriters. Write more creatively and get your songs distributed.

The Mission and Culture of Worship Live is Music Integrity

Our music and culture have been under attack for generations, but there has never been a more crucial time to turn it all back to God...choosing righteously how we distribute that music and who we support. It's time that we stand up against the mainstream music machine and start by supporting musicians, expecially indie musicians with a heart after God.

We must stop the radical philosophy and indoctrination that continues to undermine our culture, distorts the truth & flagrantly twists our reality of God. It covertly seeks to remove long-held values that leave a deep divide within our should glorify, edify, or personify the truth of God. Music plays such a huge role in our lives...let's do our part and demand more from our music and musicians.

We have a responsibility to call out and tear down this insidious infiltration - the corporations, big tech, and profane lucifieran philosophies must be completely removed from our music. This is a war for your mind, will, & emotions - do not comply!


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Musicians Need Your Help!

Music artists battle with addiction, anxiety, depression, and fractured relationships. The loneliness and despondency they struggle with weighs them down further and more are walking away from Christ each day. Your donation provides the opportunity for them to come to the Musician’s Encounter and a mentor to disciple them, helping them to stand strong. Your support is the catalyst for life-changing transformation.