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Podcast Episode 001

In this episode Lisa and Vin Fetty of Worship Live Ministries introduce and expand on the different ministries that God has put on their hearts to accomplish to see the Gospel light up in the lives of others.

Lisa Fetty: Hey, this is Lisa Fetty…

Vin Fetty: and Vin Fetty.

Lisa Fetty: …with Worship Live Ministries. And, here we are! Our very first podcast.

Vin Fetty: We are! We’re coming live from the moon (laughing).

Lisa Fetty: No, honey, from the room (emphasis added) (laughing).

Vin Fetty: I thought you said, “moon”.  (laughing) I’m over the moon about you, baby, that’s why.

Lisa Fetty: Awe, thanks, darling. So, we’re so glad you guys are listening. That is, if anyone is listening.

Vin Fetty: Let’s hope (whisper).

Lisa Fetty: Let’s hope. We wanted to just take some time out tonight and share with you about Worship Live Ministries, what exactly it is, and what God is doing. Um, Worship Live has three main ministries that are focused on taking back the music industry for the Kingdom of God. And, so I’m going to have Vin – why don’t you share with us about the Kauai Songwriters Conference, because that one’s really very close to our…well, they’re all close to our heart, really. Um, but why don’t you go ahead and share with us about that.

Vin Fetty: Sure, I won’t bare the details of everything yet. But, I will say this…that the Kauai Songwriters Conference has been really in process for years.

Lisa Fetty: Yes, it has.

Vin Fetty: So, we tried to get this going in Colorado; we were hit with some roadblocks…

Lisa Fetty: Many.

Vin Fetty: …and many roadblocks, um, again, I will spare you the details of everything. But, the good news is God didn’t let it go, we didn’t let it go, and we decided, hey, um Kauai, songwriting is something pretty cool about that.

Lisa Fetty: That’s for sure.

Vin Fetty: You know, and God called us to Kauai a while ago. And, the songwriters conference really is collaborative.

Lisa Fetty: Yes.

Vin Fetty: It’s first collaborative. It’s coming together, getting an intensive program into discipleship driven music.

Lisa Fetty: Yes.

Vin Fetty: We don’t want drivel. We’re done with drivel. We’ve never really liked drivel.

Lisa Fetty: No.

Vin Fetty: So, music – when it comes to this – is this is for God, this is for you to get a song in a collaboration and learn to write your own songs and go to greater depths.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right. It’s exciting, um, it’s really exciting like when you’re a part of a local church and you go to church on Sunday and you know one of the songs that’s being sung. You feel like, oh, I’m a part, I belong, and there’s this great song, kinda everybody comes together.

Vin Fetty: Most of you weirdos don’t belong, by the way (joking, laughter)

Lisa Fetty: But, there’s, there’s something so spectacular about having songs that are written specifically for your church, for your corporate Body, um, for your city, for the realm of influence that God has given you…where it even takes on a prophetic voice where…you know, the Bible tells us to decree a thing and it will be established for you. And, so there’s even that element that comes in when you’re writing music that’s geared specifically for your church.

Vin Fetty: Right. I will tell on myself.

Lisa Fetty: Okay.

Vin Fetty: I went to a worship conference and Brian Doerksen was there. Well, it all happened to be that I was enjoying Paul’s music and Kathryn Scott’s music…

Lisa Fetty: Yeah, Paul Baloche, yeah.

Vin Fetty: …Paul Baloche music and I was just having a good time, at a concert, whoop! Whoop! You know? Like, whooping it up, you know? I was, um, just there to absorb and just to soak, right?

Lisa Fetty: Right.

Vin Fetty: Then, Brian said, “Well, I’m going to play you some stuff that we play at my church.” And I went, “Oh man, I want to hear his, I want to hear the good stuff, Brian.”  (Laughter)

Lisa Fetty: Right.

Vin Fetty: That’s what I thought.

Lisa Fetty: Right, the commercial releases.

Vin Fetty: The commercial releases because they’re so awesome! But, he started to play this and I’m like, okay, I’ll get over it, you know, errrr! I just kinda gritted my teeth a little bit, I did!

Lisa Fetty: Right.

Vin Fetty: And then all of a sudden, the Spirit of God hit and I went, “Uh-oh!” And I didn’t expect it.

Lisa Fetty: Yeah.

Vin Fetty: But, I hit my knees and I just started to weep. It was so powerful…something about…only the music he plays at his church, that had never been released before, and I to this day, that’s kind of what drug me – I won’t say drug me kicking and screaming because there was no kicking and screaming after that.

Lisa Fetty: Right. It really inspired this Kauai Songwriters Conference.

Vin Fetty: It truly did. Because it was so powerful and driven for the Kingdom of God…

Lisa Fetty: That’s right.

Vin Fetty: that you could…it was tangible. It was not something that was put-on. It was not something that was designed and put on a shelf, and canned, and then someone took it off the shelf and played it.

Lisa Fetty: Right, and it’s not something being played every Sunday in every church across America.

Vin Fetty: It’s not. What a great thing it would be if we were.

Lisa Fetty: True. But it probably wouldn’t have as much impact.

Vin Fetty: That might be true, yeah.

Lisa Fetty: So, you mentioned about the collaborative elements with the Kauai Songwriters Conference and I think that’s what really gives it such a unique edge in comparison with other wonderful conferences that are out there for worship musicians and music artists. And I think that, um, the workshops that we will be having at the conference are going to really start to foster that collaboration. So, why don’t you talk a little bit about that.

Vin Fetty: Oh yeah, so, the collaboration part of this is something really deep in my heart, in Lisa’s heart, and that is that you’re not alone in this. You’re not going to come to…if you want to come to the songwriters conference and you want to leave and go and hide in a hole somewhere, that’s your deal, right?

Lisa Fetty: Right.

Vin Fetty: But, if you really want to be inspired to write deep songs for your church, for your local community, even if it’s for a cause that you are so inclined and so love, right?

Lisa Fetty: Right.

Vin Fetty: Hopefully that cause is Worship Live Ministries (laughter) but if it’s something else then, by golly, it’s something. Um, did I just say, “By golly?”

Lisa Fetty: By golly. (laughter)

Vin Fetty: I think I did.

Lisa Fetty: Miss Molly. (laughter)

Vin Fetty: Miss Molly, whoop!  Whoop! Um, so, yeah, so it’s actually following up. It’s discipleship-driven. It’s not that you’re going to come and you’re going to get some teaching and then – generic teaching – and then you’re going to go away and go, “Okay, that was really good” and you use it once in a while or it improves your songwriting somewhat…maybe you’ve never written a song.

Lisa Fetty: Maybe not.

Vin Fetty: Maybe you haven’t and you’ve always been inspired to, but we’re going to follow up. We’re going to be part of your life as much as you want us to be.

Lisa Fetty: Right.

Vin Fetty: And everyone around you is basically would be considered alumni with you in all of that and that’s really important.

Lisa Fetty: It’s like building a community.

Vin Fetty: That’s right. Yeah, that’s right. There’ll be community that you can work with all year long.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right. I think that many times, that, um, we’ll go to these worship conferences or songwriting conferences and they’re fantastic. And you get so much good information and so much good teaching. And then, like you said, we go home and we’re by ourselves. And the environment that we are trying to bring forth and foster at the Kauai Songwriters Conference is one of collaboration, where you’re not in it alone, as Vin said, and that leads us into talking about another part of Worship Live Ministries which is MAC – Music Artists for Change.

Vin Fetty: Yeah.

Lisa Fetty: And MAC is a free group that it’s open to Spirit-filled, on fire for God music artists – whether you’re a singer or you’re a songwriter or you’re a musician, someone who wants to sow their gifts and talents and they’re looking for other people who have the same heart and the same vision that want to collaborate. So, why don’t you tell us a little more about MAC, Vin?

Vin Fetty: So, yeah, based on the collaboration, what we are looking for in MAC members is that all year long we collaborate. We come up with songs, we dig in and we pray and we get those God songs…

Lisa Fetty: Yeah.

Vin Fetty: …that we start to collaborate on…some of us might be great on the guitar and some of us might be great singers or somebody is a lyricist.  But, you know what? You might be all of those, but it doesn’t matter. Your talents are being sown back into God. God gave them; He gave us the time to develop them. Let’s give that back to His Kingdom and then what we can do is we can bring those songs in…so, we create songs all year long.

Lisa Fetty: Right, and thank God for the digital age which allows us to do this virtually.

Vin Fetty: We can all get together at certain times and points throughout the year.

Lisa Fetty: Right, if there’s MAC members that are in your city and you want to get together…you might decide that you’re really finding that you’re gelling with someone who’s in another nation and you’re able to do this virtually and be able to collaborate with someone who has such a different skill set than yourself. It’s awesome!

Vin Fetty: It is awesome. And then at the time when we have the songs, we’re actually going to get those recorded. We can all kind of come together and record those. So, whoever you collaborate with, you’re recording that song and then you’re bringing it back as an offering into MAC and then Worship Live Ministries is taking that and putting that all on one album.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right, the MAC Collective is going to be an annual release…

Vin Fetty: That’s right.

Lisa Fetty: …by members of MAC, and then when that’s released and distributed those proceeds from that album are going to be sown back into ministry work for the Kingdom.

Vin Fetty: That’s right, which – by the way – all MAC members will be able to vote on what that year’s ministry is going to be.

Lisa Fetty: Right.

Vin Fetty: Um, it’s not going to just be – you know it’s going to be something that you can track, you can look at and you can say, hey this return this was a return on investment we did in the lives of XYZ and you have something now to go, “I made a difference; my song makes a difference…”

Lisa Fetty: That’s right.

Vin Fetty: The one that I – maybe it’s not considered ‘my song’ – one that I was collaborating with…it really helps make a difference over and over and over again. That it’s not just the one time sow, like you know, “Hey, I’ve got $20 bucks and I’m going to sow it into this ministry.” No, no. This is something that will produce as a legacy to you…

Lisa Fetty: That’s right.

Vin Fetty: …throughout eternity.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right because music is around long after we’re gone.

Vin Fetty: How Great Thou Art, how about that one?

Lisa Fetty: That’s right. There are some songs that are hundreds of years old that we still sing in church…

Vin Fetty: That’s right.

Lisa Fetty: …and, um, these songs, they’re a love offering to the Lord. And the proceeds, like we said, all the MAC members will get to vote what each year where we going to sow those proceeds. So, it might be that they choose to sow them into the Kauai Ohana House, which I’m going to share about in just a minute, or maybe we’ll spend one year where we purchase instruments and sow them into orphanages or wherever the Lord leads us each year.

Vin Fetty: As a MAC member, you’re going to get to do things that you’ve never dreamed of.

Lisa Fetty: That’s awesome.

Vin Fetty: And the power of God that is on MAC is beyond anything that, I think, is in existence right now – or has been in existence. Consider it an in-motion revival.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right.

Vin Fetty: Yeah.

Lisa Fetty: And it doesn’t end. It’s going to continue year after year. And, so, it begins at the songwriters conference where we begin to make those connections with other people. You say, “You know what? Let’s get together; let’s join MAC; let’s collaborate. We’ve got a synergy here that’s really working.”

Vin Fetty: Yeah, you’re going to have other mature songwriters or you’re going to have songwriters that have, when I say mature I mean you know, songwriters that have been around for a while…

Lisa Fetty: Seasoned, yeah.

Vin Fetty: …seasoned songwriters. Some will just be coming in and putting their talents and their fresh perspective sometimes on how we can do this and how we can partnership together.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right because it’s all about the Kingdom of God.

Vin Fetty: It is.

Lisa Fetty: And not ourselves. It’s so exciting.

Vin Fetty: That’s right. He sowed all this time and talent into us and now let’s sow it back to Him.

Lisa Fetty: Amen. Well, I want to share about the Kauai Ohana House.

Vin Fetty: Awesome.

Lisa Fetty: I mentioned it just a minute ago and the Kauai Ohana House is a project that is so dear to our heart. Um, the house is not yet built. We are standing and praying and believing God for the land, and the building and all that it needs. Um, but it was really born out of a heart for those who…you know, it’s not a rehab, it’s not a um…

Vin Fetty: Detox.

Lisa Fetty: …detox facility, thank you, it’s not that. It’s a refuge. It’s a place to come for music artists, whether you are a musician or a singer or a lyricist, whatever it is, to come and find your footing again. We’ve seen cases where there have been people in the Christian music industry and maybe they’ve fallen away, or they’ve had a really public stumble or fall, and they just don’t feel like they can get back into the Christian music scene because there’s the condemnation there or maybe there’s even been some backlash. You know, sometimes we’re not always kind to people that we esteem…

Vin Fetty: Absolutely.

Lisa Fetty: …and maybe not so rightly so to esteem people who are in the public more so than others, but it does happen, and it’s good to recognize that. And, so, we can be a little more critical of that and not give them as much grace as maybe someone else who is not in the public eye.

Vin Fetty: That’s right.

Lisa Fetty: And, so, the Ohana House exists for music artists to come to have someone come alongside them that will pray for them, that will love them in the Lord, that will hold them accountable, that will offer them counseling. And you know, sometimes it can be that they’re just feeling really dry in their walk with God and their inspiration has kind of shriveled up. Or maybe their marriage has taken a hit because they’ve just been touring so much, or…

Vin Fetty: And that all effects the music…

Lisa Fetty: It does!

Vin Fetty: …for the Kingdom.

Lisa Fetty: It really does! And, so, that’s why the Ohana House is in existence. And, it’s a place to come and refire, find your passion again for God so that you can begin to use your gifts and your callings again for God and come out of the condemnation…get freedom!

Vin Fetty: Right. And the Ohana House is a place where you’re going to have an experience with God.

Lisa Fetty: Yes, you are.

Vin Fetty: We can pretty much guarantee this, that you’re not going to come away from the Ohana House the same.

Lisa Fetty: It’s true.

Vin Fetty: It’s nothing that we’re doing. We pray consistently and constantly, even right now, for the Ohana House and those who are coming. We are praying and we will continue to pray.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right.

Vin Fetty: And the power of God is on the Ohana House and on Worship Live Ministries and we are anointed to do what we are doing and it’s such a wonderful thing that artists can come back because one song can light generations.

Lisa Fetty: Yes, that is so true! That is so true. And, the Ohana House is not about coming to Kauai for a vacation with the fam…

Vin Fetty: No, it’s not.

Lisa Fetty: …it’s not about a surfing trip with your band members…it’s about really an intimate time with God, one-on-one, so that you can get back to what He’s called you to do.

Vin Fetty: That’s right.

Lisa Fetty: And to know that you’ve got the support there and people that have your back.

Vin Fetty: Revival, baby.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right. So, we’re so excited about all of this…

Vin Fetty: Yes, we are!

Lisa Fetty: …and we’re not even done yet. This is just the first…

Vin Fetty: It’s just the beginning.

Lisa Fetty: …rollout of what Worship Live has in store and there’s so much more that God has already shown us that’s coming down the pike. But, this is so exciting, we just had to get on here and do our first podcast and share this with you guys.

Vin Fetty: And we can’t do it by ourselves. This is something that requires, this is not the Lisa and Vin show at all…

Lisa Fetty: Not by far! (laughter)

Vin Fetty: …we um, what’s in front of us is only God-accomplishable.

Lisa Fetty: That’s for sure.

Vin Fetty: And it’s only accomplishable through the Body of Christ.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right. That’s right. And, so, we would just ask you if you have felt stirred, and the vision of Worship Live is something that is exciting to you personally, that has touched your heart, go on and partner with us because prayer works!

Vin Fetty: Yes, it does,

Lisa Fetty: Prayer works, and your prayers – we covet them, we really do, so come and partner with us in prayer and allow us to pray for you as you pray for us. And our prayer partners are the first to find out about things going on behind the scenes with the ministry.

Vin Fetty: That’s right. And then we have other opportunities, volunteer opportunities, we have absolutely financial partnership that we would love you to partnership with us. We can take that seed sown and help continue to birth the ministry.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right.

Vin Fetty: And, bring about that great change that God has called us to do through the gospel.

Lisa Fetty: That’s so true. Because, we can’t do it on our own. Not by far.

Vin Fetty: Not by far.

Lisa Fetty: And, so, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved if it’s something that you’re finding is just like, “Wow, I just connect so deeply with what you guys are doing.”

Vin Fetty: And you can find out more about MAC.

Lisa Fetty: That’s right. You can find out more about MAC and the other things we’ve discussed tonight. You can reach out to us with a prayer request or even if you just want to touch base with us, you can contact us through the Contact form on the site. And, so, we’re just so excited to share all this with you guys. Thanks so much…

Vin Fetty: Thank you.

Lisa Fetty: …for tuning in and listening.  Again, this is Lisa Fetty…

Vin Fetty: And Vin Fetty.

Lisa Fetty: …with Worship Live Ministries.

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