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#GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement which inspires us to take action to support causes we believe in. This year, we are asking you to consider donating to Worship Live. Your support is vital to our ministry! It will enable us to obtain licensing for utilizing copyrighted songs in our stream.


Judah Shall Plow

Hidden in the beautiful story of Hosea is a portion of a scripture that simply says, “Judah shall plow”.  It is in Hosea 10:11.  Now, why would this have anything to do with worship?  It seems more like farming commands or a punishment for a wayward son than worship. Well,

Silent Prayer

Silent Worship

There is worship in a whisper. Can you really worship without saying a word?  Ask someone who is deaf and you will have your answer.  We tend to look at the outward expression, the vocal affirmations, of our faith and think we are loving our Lord.  And yet, what if

What is Worship?

What is worship, you ask?  To some, it’s a bowing low, an outward expression of adoration.  To others, it is a sold-out obedience to an ideal, or to a supreme being.  For me, it is the cry of one’s heart, the outpouring of an unspeakable, unnamable, depth of gratitude, love,