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What is Worship?

What is worship, you ask?  To some, it’s a bowing low, an outward expression of adoration.  To others, it is a sold-out obedience to an ideal, or to a supreme being.  For me, it is the cry of one’s heart, the outpouring of an unspeakable, unnamable, depth of gratitude, love, and heartfelt devotion.

When God breathed His breath into man and man became a living being, the corresponding outpouring and release of that breath from man became the first act of worship.  Man became a life-giving spirit.  Today, I ask myself whether we are still able to go back to that initial posture of giving back to God what He has given unto us…life.



For worship to be authentic, to be real, there has to be a giving forth from one’s self.  It is a spiritual act.  It is a purposed decision.  Worship is the avenue by which we can attempt to make known to our divine Creator, our benevolent Father, our love.  It is not a grand gesture to be seen by those around us.  It is not a posturing or performance for God.  We are not monkeys dancing to the organ grinder; we are beloved sons and daughters of the Most High.



Worship is personal.  Worship is an ache that cannot be satisfied.  It is an emptying of self, the breaking open of this earthen vessel like an alabaster box.  It is deep crying unto deep.  It is a passion to pursue the heart of God and not letting go of the hem of His garment until we enter into His holy presence and are refilled with the overwhelming grace that He alone can grant.

John 4:24 says, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Are we close?  Have we drifted away from our initial design, the very purpose for our creation, to fellowship with the living God?  How do we get back to our primary purpose?  We go back to the heart of worship, to simply release the breath God has placed in us back to Him with a grateful heart.  Worship requires a surrendering, a letting go of that which we so desperately hold tight to.  This release brings us into position to receive from God and brings the peace we crave.



Do you want to feel the presence of God?  Simply begin by thanking Him.  Praise Him for what He has done for you and for the things He has delivered you from.  There is nothing that draws the presence of the Lord faster than praise.  It doesn’t have to be pretty.  It doesn’t need to be loud or in the presence of any other person.  It just has to be from the heart.

What is worship?  It’s your right, your privilege, and your lifeline.

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