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Artists Grant Resources

We want to see artists get the help they need. We serve a very specific niche with our COVID-19 grants called Christian Musician Relief Fund, for Christian musicians in the United States.

Below are resources that we hope you find helpful.  We will try and keep up with new resource as we locate them.

Musicians Fund Resource List
Links to additional grants and funds for artists  

The ministries of Worship Live

Kauai Songwriters Conference

A 3-day intensive for re-engaging songwriters and musicians with their passion and purpose.

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Music Artists for Change

A collaborative music ministry where artists work together and contribute original music for the Kingdom.

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Kauai Ohana House

A place for music artists to come and heal, re-fire in their walk with God, and find their voice again.

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When we partner together we both share in the blessing and reap the reward.

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“I will make Your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore the peoples will praise and give You thanks forever and ever.”
– Psalm 45:17 (AMP)